Rachel Miller is a Detroit native who landed in Philadelphia in autumn of 2013, joining U3 Ventures in 2014. Rachel has assisted in the project management of 4301 Baltimore Ave. since its acquisition; helping to coordinate all parties involved in the process of achieving zoning approval, the execution of the commercial lease, and construction and engineering plan design and drawing.

With a diverse professional background as a sales executive for a small environmental products company, in marketing and consumer experience, and in a non-profit organization advocating for Detroit historical districts, Rachel brings an individual oriented approach to project management. Earning a Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Anthropology from Detroit’s Wayne State University, Rachel is interested in preserving cultural and historical richness, and adding social and economic value to spaces and communities through design and access. By considering the unique characteristics of the full scope of the project, she assists in the coordination of projects that meet a wide range of goals for U3 Ventures.