Jaime Flaherty is a Vice President and the CFO of U3 Ventures, LLC. With a background in real estate economics, Jaime joined U3 Ventures in 2010 and provides expertise in market, financial, fiscal, and strategic analysis. At U3 Ventures, Jaime manages the financial and business operations of U3 Ventures’ properties and development sites. In addition, she has worked on predevelopment due diligence for 1213 Walnut and managed the financial pro forma analysis for 4224 Baltimore and 4301 Baltimore. Jaime continues to be involved in the predevelopment, tenant management, and construction aspects of the active 4301 Baltimore development.

Prior to U3, Jaime worked in the Washington D.C. and New York offices of Economics Research Associates. Jaime has over nine years of experience working as an economic real estate consultant for all major land use categories, including residential, retail, hotel, office, institutional, and research.

Jaime received undergraduate degrees in business and psychology from the University of Pittsburgh. She has a Masters in City Planning, as well as a Certificate in Real Estate Development, from the University of Pennsylvania. She is an active member of the Urban Land Institute.